Insurance Companies


a) GP report for insurance applicants100.00
b) GP supplementary reports 30.00
Continuation of private Insurance Forms/ Short Reports35.00
Insurance/Sickness/Accident (with examination)110.00
Private Insurance Forms - simple55.00
c) Medical examinations undertaken on a GP’s own patient175.00
Typed medical report for insurance company - complex130.00
Follow up requests from insurance company (after initial report) 
Note: Patients have a right to see the report before it is sent to the insurance company. If a request is made, the insurance company should inform the GP, and the patient has 21 days to arrange to see it. 
Note:  When an applicant fails to keep a pre-arranged appointment, 50 per cent of the fee should be paid by the insurance company. 

Certificates without examination 

a) Straightforward certificates of fact 20.00
b) More complex certificates65.00
Elderly Driver Fitness certificate (or other fitness to drive)75.00
Private sick note (incapacity certificate), required by patient for presentation to an employer (except those that the doctor is obliged to provide for statutory sick pay (SSP) purposes)15.00
Accident/sickness insurance certificate – short certificate of incapacity without examination for patient to claim under accident/sickness insurance60.00
Fitness to travel35.00
Freedom from infection certificate, eg for school, travel or employment20.00
Validation of private medical insurance (PMI) claim form, to support a claim for benefit in connection with private medical insurance, or completion of a ‘pre-treatment’ form35.00
Holiday cancelation  Forms30.00
School fees and holiday insurance certificates30.00
Health club – brief written report to certify that a patient is fit for exercise55.00
vaccination Certificates20.00
More complicated certificates45.00
simple certificate30.00
Driving licence photograph20.00
Passport Forms/Photograph 20.00
Character reference/To whom it may concern letters30.00

Work in surgery 

a) Extract from records55.00
b) Report on a pro forma, no examination (eg 20 minutes)110.00
c) Written report without examination, providing a detailed opinion and statement on the condition of the patient (eg 30 minutes)110.00
d) Comprehensive clinical examination including report, certificate, or completion of necessary forms (eg 45 minutes)150.00
Accident/sickness insurance – to support a claim for payment of benefit under accident/sickness insurance policy60.00
Private consultations per hour180.00
Private Prescriptions15.00
Holiday Travel Immunisation (plus cost of vaccine)30.00
BUPA,PPA & WPA forms45.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Completion of medical certificate CP3 of the Court of Protection with examination130.00
Completion of medical certificate CP3 of the Court of Protection without examination70.00
Serving notice of the Court of Protection (on form CP7)70.00
Completion of childminder health form90.00
Medical examination of prospective NHS employee - including report and opinion140.00
Report and opinon only of prospective NHS employee110.00

Work for local authorities

Children in care, adoption & fostering110.00
Examinations and reports on children committed, or about to be committed, to the care of a local authority, or received or about to be received into care by a local authority, or about to be fostered110.00
Initial examination75.00
Subsequent examination by the same doctor, or partner, assistant or locum25.00
Freedom from infection certificate only25.00
Northumbria Police Witness Statements45.00
Examinations and reports in a form recommended by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) and included in the collaborative arrangements.110.00
Forms C, D, YP or AME (detailed medical examinations to report on child90.00
Form AH - health assessment on prospective carer90.00
Form AH2 - update review from GP records90.00
Form IHA - initial health assessment for looked after children90.00
Form M & B - obstetric/neo natal report90.00
Housing Local Authority90.00

Central  Government  Departments & Agencies

Criminal injuries compensation authority - GP Report on pro forma45.00

General Medicals & Reports

Elderly Driver Fitness certificate (or other fitness to drive) with exam110.00
HGV Medical - if paid by the patient         140.00
HGV Medical - if paid by the employer165.00
PSV Medical - if paid by the patient140.00
PSV Medical - if paid by the employer165.00
Taxi Medical - if paid by the patient140.00
Taxi Medical - if paid by the employer165.00
Seat Belt exemption - no examination75.00
Seat Belt exemption - with examination110.00
Sports Medicals140.00
Fit to attend school/university (no examination)45.00
Fit to attend school/university (with examination)110.00
Ofsted Form Employment85.00
Pre Employment Medical - if paid by the patient         110.00
Pre Employment Medical - if paid by the employer150.00
General Medical Examination110.00
Lighter Life form with examination85.00
Lighter Life follow up BP checks30.00

Photocopying Patient’s Notes – Solicitors

Standard Administration Charge50.00
Individual copies (up to a maximum of £50.00)0.10
Standard Recorded Delivery ChargeTBA
Estimated Postage Charge - parcel needs to be weighedTBA
Computerised Records15.00
HIV blood test20.00
HIV Saliva15.00
Hepatitis B bloods each30.00
Rabies 3 dose165.00
Meningitis ACWY (1 dose)70.00
Japnese Encephalitis (3 dose course)210.00
Cholera (2 dose course)50.00
Tick Borne Encephalitis x 3195.00
Tick Borne Encephalitis x 3 (paediatric)140.00
Yellow Fever55.00
Revaxis (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio)30.00
Typhim (Typhoid)30.00
Havrix (Hepatitis A)45.00
Havrix Junior30.00
Engerix B (Hepatitis B)40.00
Engerix B (Paediatric)20.00
Hepatyrix (Hepatitis A and Typhoid)75.00
Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B65.00
Twinrix (Paediatric)40.00

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